iranian musclemen and women photographers

January 3, 2008


If I were in Berlin, I would go right to this exhibition of six Iranian women photographers, Made in Tehran.

I would love to see Mehraneh Atashi‘s photos of Iranian men (and herself behind the camera through a mirror) in a zourkaneh. According to Kate Connolly at the Guardian, it is a ‘ “power house” – a sort of spiritual fitness centre for Iranian men in which virility, religion and the powerful symbolism of the Persian hero all come into play’.

Even if I were in Tehran I would not have gotten to see the smiles behind the bushy mustaches and the embroidered trousers she showed me.

Where would you go if you were somewhere else than you are right now?


One Response to “iranian musclemen and women photographers”

  1. Dors Says:

    Because I’m hungry, and because I haven’t had one for over 18 months, I would go to the European on Spring Street in Melbourne and have a huevos madrilenos

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