4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days

January 6, 2008


‘4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days’ was the real title of the Romanian film by Cristian Mungiu we went to see last night, set in the final years of the Ceauşescu regime. ‘Romanian abortion film’ was the title it became known by in our household.The Palme D’Or it won in 2007 was all the encouragement I needed to go see it, but Mr. Snow needed a bit more convincing. Luckily, the national papers did nothing but wax lyrical over it all Christmas.

Even so, I must confess the subject matter was quite daunting prior to buying tickets on Friday evening. As it turned, everything else apart from this film was completely sold out (not just us then). And luckily so. While not exactly cheery Friday night viewing, the film was exceptionally well made, with excellent acting by Anamaria Marinca and Vlad Ivanov as the frighteningly man-on-the-street abortionist. If you have the chance, do see it. It also made me wonder how today’s Romania is different?

Update: This interesting interview with the film’s leading actress, Anamaria Marinca, might give some clues…


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