the tenderness of wolves

January 10, 2008

tendernessofwolves_cover.jpgMy first book for 2008, ‘The Tenderness of Wolves’ by Stef Penney, is a real page-turner! A murder is set in 1867 Canada, and several voices – a Scottish immigrant farmer’s wife, a likeable Hudson’s Bay Company man, and other assorted villagers – tell the story believably well. I also liked the background details of immigrant life way back when, difficult to imagine from today’s buit up Quebec and the border region. I’m afraid I’m quite a sucker for the ‘literary crime’ novel. I read Kerstin Ekman’s brilliant ‘Blackwater’ during a very dark and snowy Christmas, which got me right in the mood. So far ‘The Tenderness’ has been unco-operatingly green and summery, but I’m only a tenth of the way in. Many more pages to go for a change of season!


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