come back fatih, all is forgiven

January 15, 2008

2008 seems to have gotten off to an amazing film start. On Saturday evening, surrounded on all sides by (un)packing boxes and the detritus of our new home, we made a quick getaway to the cinema. I confess to previously being sceptical to Fatih Akin‘s movies, mainly due to my impression that they were hard films on the hard edges of life. To the contrary, I found Auf der anderen Seite to be a subtle film on people straddling two cultures, looking for lost (and sometimes unknown) loved ones. Even the two deaths of main characters were gently portrayed, and the actors (none of them your cut out Hollywood pin up) filmed to show pure beauty in every face.

It also afforded me a quick trip to Istanbul and back, and a listen to a language I like the sound of. I did sometimes find the ‘just missed meeting’ theme a little forced, however, I have bumped into acquaintances of friends or family often enough and in obscure enough places in the world to wonder, what about all the connections we don’t know about, and the times we just happened to be looking away?

In short, I am now forced to watch all his films in contrition. And look forward to it!


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