apples and pears

January 16, 2008


How do they do it every single time? At Christmas, an iPhone came to visit. Needless to say, I was completely smitten. I suspect a similar phenomenon may occur as soon as I lay my eyes on the MacBook Air. It’s not even 2 cm thick! Just the thing to go with our new flat maybe?

The world online is buzzing with the rumour that Jonathan Ive, Apple’s product designer, has been more than a touch inspired by the Dieter Rams, who designed for Braun in the 50’s. Jonathan Glancy at the Guardian isn’t having any of it, though there is more than a slight resemblance in the (carefully selected?) photos below. An example of convergent design evolution perhaps, or a retro cool revival.


In the meantime, I’m considering taking up knitting just so I can knit my own iPhone.



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