January 18, 2008

I have spent a significant amount of my waking hours wearing white Bata shoes. The picture below shows why (though I’m not in it, nicked it randomly off the web, sorry!).


I was fascinated to learn some years ago that something so familiar had very unfamiliar roots – specifically in Zlin, in the Czech Republic. Now, former employees of two now closed UK Bata factories have gone on a journey to the Bata heartland, and their trip was filmed by British artists Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope, who won this year’s Northern Art Prize in part for it. You can see a clip of the film ‘Bata-ville: We are not afrad of the future’ here.

I will keep a sharp eye out for it, to find out more about the place that made the company that shod a whole generation of Malaysian schoolchildren.

Anyone miss their Batas?


4 Responses to “bata-ville”

  1. Ryan Koesuma Says:

    Hi there Sharm, just got here from your email. Nice posts!

  2. Mithi Says:

    Oh my GOD does that bring back memories!

  3. sunburn Says:

    thanks Ryan and welcome! are you doing something with

  4. Ryan Koesuma Says:

    Well the right now it functions as the family email domain, for my dad, me and my sis. It’s used to be forwarded to my personal blog, but since my father used it for his prof. email so I think I should make it more neutral, I’ve been planning to use it on several occasions, but I ended up doing something else in somewhere else, hehe.

    Last xmas i used the domain to host my xmas mixtape which i sent to my friends, please check it out:

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