getting graphic

January 21, 2008


On Sunday afternoon, two miracles coincided. First, the local library just around the corner from our house was open. Secondly, I walked past just then! I had been meaning to go for months, because this branch has the added pull of being the comic and graphic novel library for the city, and I had never even heard of anything like that before. I was given a copy of Art Speigelmann’s Maus as a present once, and also read and enjoyed Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis. In a similar thread, Rutu Modan’s visual blog was a delight with every post.

So the prospect of a whole libary full of graphic novels was thrilling! This time I picked up Marjane Satrapi’s latest, Chicken with Plums, and requested Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, which I have been meaning to read for a while. But the best part about a library is chancing upon an interesting-looking book you’ve never heard of before and getting to take it home for free! This time that book was Guy Delisle’s Pyongyang, about his travels in North Korea. I’m not due to go there anytime soon (not that it wouldn’t be interesting!), but am heading right for the book for this evening’s entertainment. Recommendations for what I should borrow next are very welcome! Let’s just hope the coinciding miracles were not a one-off.


3 Responses to “getting graphic”

  1. […] more fun though, and easy with the Comic Book Library just around the corner, is to read comic books or graphic novels. The pictures help a lot, […]

  2. […] family. There is a definite Francophone thread connecting many of its members, from Guy Delisle (of Pyongyang) to Joann Sfar (of The Rabbi’s […]

  3. […] branch of the Oslo Deichmanske Library, on Schous Plass just 100 m from where we live. The comic book section which provides me with all those glorious graphic novels is on the second floor. I took the photo […]

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