raise the red lantern

January 28, 2008


How naughty! Three whole days without a post. Luckily I have so much to share after a weekend in the Lowlands (though somehow almost all of it seems to involves food, both the eating and the making of).

The perfect weekend got off to a fine start with the perfect meal out in the Hague with Double D and Bobby the Preacher (sporting a very debonair new hairstyle).

The key ingredients:

1 bottle of Chard at home

1 great Vietnamese restaurant

lots of red lanterns

6 months’ worth of news to catch up on

beers (lost count)

2 bottles of Viognier out (which mysteriously did not make it onto the bill, extra hurrah!)

aforementioned dining partners

an array of finger-lickin’ly tasty seafood parcels

lots of fresh green herbs and leaves to wrap it in, not to mention a light fish-chilli coriander sauce to dip it all in

1 playground with silly chairs to play on on the way home

1 tram-ride home in a nighttime cityscape

more chatting, this time half comatose, but still determined to talk

Thanks for the best night out. I appreciated your sacrifice of sleep! Do it all again soon? Maybe we could even swap a few of the ingredients and try new ones…


2 Responses to “raise the red lantern”

  1. Bobby the Preacher Says:

    Word, sister!

  2. […] Powder was a book Ms. (Mrs.?) D pressed onto me just before this dinner. It’s quite a departure from our regular reads I think – I can’t remember the last time […]

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