people who eat in glass houses

January 29, 2008

On Saturday night five of us ate in a glass house. It was an experience to do so surrounded by so much light and open space, an island in the dark winter night. The service was prompt and unfussy, and the styling good but not picture perfect (making it better..?). The food was good enough that even The Chef approved, although now and again there was just far too much going on on each plate at the same time. Sadly the good feeling was not to last, as three of us (not with the most sensitive bellies either) came down with food poisoning! Not really the way you want to remember a special meal. I have emailed them about this, I wonder what they will say…

de kas

On a related theme, The Chef has been taking photos of greenhouses at night. The light they produce is spooky, and infects the surrounding objects with their very own nighttime (and sometimes it seems X-ray) spirit. I hope to share one of his shots with you soon!

Update: The management at De Kas have written back. I was going to add to the post above that one of the main selling points of De Kas is that they grow a lot of their own vegetables. I was not entirely convinced by the gimmick: the rather exciting sounding oregano champagne house aperitif was just that: a glass of Moet… and a baby sprig of oregano. Anyway, here is his letter, slightly generic and uncommitting. Tell me what you think (also of the fact that clearly only men know how to write letters)?

Mr. Myyear Online

Amsterdam, 30-01-2008

Dear Mr. Online,

Thank you for your visit at de Kas and your compliments.

I am sorry to hear that some of your guests are not well after having dinner in our restaurant.

No other complaints about this specific evening came to our attention.

De Kas works with the most fresh and high quality products available.

Our suppliers are carefully selected and work under a strict hygiene code.

Our hygiene standards are an example for the branche.

Our staff is well trained on hygienic behaviour.

We are under the strict supervision of a professional company, which regularly checks what is happening in our kitchen, and we are controlled by official Government Health –departments.

We receive compliments and high scores on food –hygiene and cleaning standards.

In this way we keep the risk for food contamination for our 50.000 happy guests a year at a minimum.

Nevertheless it is always possible that we received contaminated ingredients or that food gets contaminated.

In combination with a temporarily lower resistance of a person, this can cause complaints.

If this is what is happened in your case, I apologize sincerely.

I am very happy that you have let me know what happened to your guests.

In this way it is possible for us to check the quality of our work and that of our suppliers better.

All in order to maintain our high standards.

Thanks again.

If there is ever a chance to do a little extra for this inconvenience, please let me know.

Kindest regards,

Gert Jan Hagema

Proud owner

cc. Ronald Kunis



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