the passenger

January 31, 2008

China Photos/Getty Images

The Year of the Rat is almost here but sadly, I won’t be going home for Chinese New Year this year. Lots of other people are though, especially in China. There, the combination of a huge urban workforce with roots in more rural areas and the tradition of family reunion at Chinese New Year sets records for the largest human migration on Earth annually.

This year, the heaviest blizzards and ice storms for 50 years in central and southern China have complicated matters further. Thousands are apparently stranded, and half a million soldiers are trying to sort it all out. No wonder unorthodox ways are necessary to board the transportation of your choice. Perhaps staying put this year isn’t too bad. Anyone else got any exciting plans?

Click for the full photo series from today’s Guardian.


2 Responses to “the passenger”

  1. Tulipgirl Says:

    Those are some stunning pictures. Happy Chinese New Year already! (when is the exact day?)

  2. sunburn Says:

    The eve (when the family reunion dinner is held) is on the 6th. I’m scheming to put together my menu and guest list!

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