yumyum bonbons

February 1, 2008


The last of my dispatches from Amsterdam. The collage above shows the before, during and after of a thoroughly enjoyable bonbon-making workshop with seven ladies and two brave men (not ashamed to show their creative side), all supervised by the lovely Karen. We made truffles and bonbons with five different flavours: rosemary, orange and basil, chilli, nougat and whisky, and dates. The truffles were rolled in chocolate shavings, nuts, coffee, cocoa powder, coconut…

My favourite so far are the rosemary ones I think, the date ones were a little too subtle. The tricks of the trade (silicon ice cube trays and melon ball scoops) were good to know!

Best of all for me though was just being together. We all got to try something new, lick lots of fingers with ‘spilt’ chocolate, and chat about films, restaurants and how life was treating us all. Perfect for a grey Amsterdam afternoon.


This morning on the tram to work, I felt like King Olav. Why? Tune in on Monday to find out!


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