exceptionally high moose risk

February 4, 2008

moose sign.jpg

We got back late last night from a wonderful cabin weekend. Ski, sun, snow, food, drink and great company. Even the trip up on the train was exciting. At a certain point we found our train going in reverse. The driver came on the intercom to announce that it was because we had hit a moose. As a result, the train (and all 600 of us onboard) rolled back slowly to check if it was dead, as if not, someone would have to be dispatched to put it out of its misery.

We weren’t told the outcome of this investigation, but a fairly heated discussion was overheard in the restaurant carriage as to which sauce accompanies moose best.

In the best twist to the whole story, I was told today that train drivers used to have guns so as to be able to administer a bullet if necessary. This is no longer allowed today, in view of the terror risk it poses…


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