LA, baby!

February 8, 2008


On Saturday I will be off to Los Angeles for the second time in two years for work. The world seems to be made up of two kinds of people, those who love LA and those who hate LA. I think I kind of love it!

The sprawl that we flew over after crossing the mountains to get to LAX was astonishing. Yet, on ground level, I found lots of things to love, including a rare glimpse into the California of cowboys and missions, a small but perfectly formed museum on Chinese Americans, a shiny, speedy subway system, and all the friendly, polite people who spoke to me in Spanish (I’m sorry I was so slow to answer, I just had to swap languages!). I even managed a very pleasant walk Downtown around the City Hall, Japantown, El Pueblo de Los Angeles, Chinatown, and Broadway with its great buzz and the amazing Grand Central Market.

I’m going this time armed with more tips from locals and friends who have visited before. I wonder what I’ll find?


2 Responses to “LA, baby!”

  1. tjean na Says:

    yes, “sprawl” is the perfect word to describe LA. and unfortunately, i fall into the “hate” category. sorry, angelenos. people are nice and no complaints about that, but i just like my areas small and manageable. similar to my preference for apartments and shopping malls. small and manageable 😀

    • sunburn Says:

      too bad, but as i always figure, even if a place doesn’t live up to expectations, at least i’ve gotten to see it – and decide – for myself. and bartending school seems like it should equip you with a cool new skill set at the very least!

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