food glorious food

February 18, 2008

canters deli

Last Monday I got to completely indulge my subculture passion in Los Angeles. In an area of just 20 by 20 blocks, I shopped with too-cool Japanese girls on Melrose, whizzed past Ethiopian shops and eateries, chatted to a Georgian aunty at the bus stop, spotted Little Armenia by that distinctive script, tested Fairfax bagels and lepaked in bohemian Los Feliz.

Possibly the best part about cultural diversity for me is the variety of glorious food. (Those of you who know me will be surprised to hear that.) The day brought me to Canter’s Deli (no relation as far as I know…) for a pastrami omelette with an onion cream cheese bagel and potatoes. They claim to have sold more than 10 million matzo balls, are open 24 hours and have an adjoining bakery piled high with mouth-watering cakes pastries.

The danger when immersing oneself into a wholly unfamiliar culinary tradition is that if sounding like a complete idot. My waiter’s jaw visibly dropped when I asked what pastrami and matzos were exactly. I’m happy to be the fool when it gets me good food though, and sometimes I am helped by things being exactly what they say they are, however unexpectedly. This was the case at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Accompanied by onion gravy and fresh lemonade, my fried chicken and waffles took me on a free trip to the American South and back in one tasty hour. Has a meal transported you recently?


4 Responses to “food glorious food”

  1. Christine Says:

    I have not educated you in the ways of pastrami? My most humble apologies. What about a Reuben? We have to go back to the States together for a diner tour!

  2. sunburn Says:

    You should be sorry! But my waiter was very accomodating and spent ages going through the menu with me. I DID go to the States with you, remember?! But you were always busy doing something else 😉

  3. Jean Says:

    I know just the place for you – NYC.

  4. sunburn Says:

    i think it would love it too! what can i say… kl put this in me and now i can’t get it out!

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