goodbye to the normals

February 20, 2008

goodbye normals.jpg

Alamak, WordPress was down all of last night! Sorry for the delay, but rest assured, I have a whole stack of posts to put up. I’m on a blogging roll!

This trailer for a 4 minute short film about a little boy running away from home really made me smile. It’s called Goodbye To The Normals. I can’t believe I haven’t managed to find the 4 minutes to watch the actual film online yet! Tonight, tonight…

According to the website, ‘”Goodbye to the Normals” was commissioned by Robbie Williams and his management company, The In Good Company Ltd, as one of several short films commissioned to accompany the release of his latest album “Rudebox”.

The song you can hear during the film is “Burslem Normals”, written and performed by Robbie.’

So now you know.


One Response to “goodbye to the normals”

  1. Mithi Says:

    made me smile too 😉

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