February 20, 2008

junoFinally, a film I have seen! It seems to be the film world’s year for unwanted pregnancies. Much as I thought 4 months… was an excellent watch, the American middle-class take on the same subject, Juno, was much less grim and thoroughly enjoyable. Smart, motor-mouthed 16 year old Juno decides against abortion and for adoption of her baby by a successful yuppie couple. (I spent half the film being really impressed for a change by Julia Roberts’ acting skills as the adoptive mother before discovering when the credits rolled that she was in fact Jennifer Garner…)

Like Juno the character, Juno the film doesn’t make a big in-your-face point about her decision, but gently depicts the consequences on herself and the people around her. Be careful of several tear-jerking moments that may steal up on you. Even so, lots of laugh out loud moments. Ellen Page and Michael Cera inhabit their roles completely – their snappy, rapid-fire dialogue is fun as is the excellent burger phone. A subtle, delight of a teenage pregnancy film. It exists!


11 Responses to “juno”

  1. Dors Says:

    Sharm-sharm! I cannot believe you got Jennifer Garner and Julia Roberts mixed up. Totally agree re the movie! Also watched the Girl with the Pearl Earring, and was very pleased with the fact taht I fell asleep 20 minutes into the film.

  2. Ryan Koesuma Says:

    I think the film is very good although the reviews are overrated and overhyped. Definitely couldn’t beat 2006’s Little Miss Sunshine, although Juno’s Diablo Cody have a pretty big chance of getting the original screenplay oscar this year.

  3. Bobby the Preacher Says:

    I think that’s a bit unkind towards Julia Roberts. She’s a very pretty lady with lots of teeth.

  4. sunburn Says:

    dors, my education is clearly seriously lacking.

    remco, ditto jennifer garner!

    ryan, i had the opposite experience to you, sunshine was hyped up so much to me when i saw it it was cute but not a classic. somehow i managed to miss most of the juno hype, so it felt like a real undiscovered gem! by the way, we have booked our tickets to jakarta and bangka for cheng meng… sure you can’t come?

  5. Bobby the Preacher Says:

    Hey, and she’s my age! Not sure why anyone would want to marry Ben Affleck though.

  6. […] been pre-scripted more than ever, though the films seem like they deserved the awards (I have only seen one so far). Now the awards have been, I can leave LA behind for a while. My final post from there […]

  7. Ryan Koesuma Says:

    Have you watched Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited yet? It’s very recommended!

  8. sunburn Says:

    it’s very high on my wish list ryan! i loved the life aquatic, have you seen that yet?

  9. Ryan Koesuma Says:

    The Life Aquatic is like my most favourite movie EVER, I wrote the review for it at my blog: http://koesuma.multiply.com/reviews/item/1

  10. sunburn Says:

    seu jorge was the soundtrack of our lives last year! apparently even bowie loved what he did. and he DEFINITELY knows what is cool 🙂

  11. […] the film, but still a few good gags and giggles here and there. And Michael Cera (also seen in Juno) is definitely a bit of a star. The Banker would have been proud of us, holding the fort for him as […]

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