the whale and i

February 27, 2008

alex sushi

A week ago, Mr. Snow and I went out for a belated Christmas present for us both from me, a meal at Alex Sushi. The place has made a name for itself as the place to be for sushi lovers in Oslo and certainly it did not disappoint. The bright lights were warm and welcoming from outside that dark February night. Once inside, the oval island bar was lit by a spectacular modern chandelier, surrounded by high stools for black-clad diners and enclosed the three sushi chefs who were busy working their magic all evening long in what was a very intimate private party-like setting.

The various set menus give you a good selection of sushi and sashimi with a number of types of fish and other seafood, more on which later. The style was very classical compared to say some Californian or Australian sushi restaurants (or presumably those in Japan, though I haven’t been), but the emphasis here is on letting the freshness of the ingredients speak for itself. Service was slightly formal, and good.

My favourite by far this time was the halibut, normally a rather non-descript though perfectly good white fish, on that night a taste and texture sensation. Other seafood like the crab and scallops they served up tasted good but somehow the simple fish won the day over its jazzier cousins in Alex’s hands.

Finally, there were several very dark red slices of a surprise sashimi our waiter had not mentioned on our main platter: whale. For all Norway’s posturing on the whaling issue, this was the first time I had ever seen it at a restaurant (though you can sometimes spot forlorn little blocks of frozen whale in the deep freezers at supermarkets). What did it taste like? For the main part, slices of raw beef, but with an undeniable extra something both in flavour and texture that I guess was just… whale.

minke whale


4 Responses to “the whale and i”

  1. Dors Says:

    I would like to eat sushi, even whale, in Norway… I wonder why I never have…

  2. sunburn Says:

    Because you (we) were too busy drinking red wine and trying to squat simultaneously to get to the restaurant before it completely filled up. Your course of action is clear…

  3. Dors Says:

    What? stop squatting? I wasn’t the one squatting… Mr Snow, Craig and Christian were the squatters… or well… would be squatters

  4. […] used to live literally footsteps away, and now less than a 5 minute walk. It’s certainly no Alex, but the fish is always fresh (er, except for that one time that reasons was singly struck […]

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