the crossing

February 29, 2008


The half of you who already read Desire to Inspire will already have seen these mini-people going about their Half Awake lives captured by Erin Tyner. Still, the smile they brought to my face on this wet, grey day was enough to make me want to share. Have a good weekend all!


3 Responses to “the crossing”

  1. Erin Tyner Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my work on your blog. It’s so nice to read that it made you smile!

  2. M Says:

    you must have seen this too, no?

    I think he/they are London based, but I never managed to ever find any of the work on the streets 😦

  3. sunburn Says:

    i hadn’t mithi, thanks for that, so cool! i will watch out for them next time i am in town.

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