leaping lizards

March 1, 2008


Just my luck. The year I decide to spend online is a leap year, so 366 posts it has to be, not just 365! I have just been alerted to the fact that I do know one leapling, a person born on the 29th of February, of which there are supposed to be 4 million in the world. This sounded a little on the low side to me but the numbers do check out – it’s clearly just a very exclusive club.

Another, sobering fact I learnt today: 1% of the American polutaion is now in jail according to a new report by the Pew Center, with Russia and China not too far behind. Interestingly, they question if the fall in rate of violent crime really is related to high imprisonment rates, and suggest alternatives may taxpayers more for their money. See here for a commentary.

And finally, a shocking disclosure. Apparently that heavenly Savoie dish tartiflette is not age old at all, and was literally invented in the 1980’s by the Reblochon makers union in a bid to increase sales. I guess it worked… on me. Is there anything else out there I should know?


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