red brick city

March 3, 2008

mal by s.lo.jpg

Even the strong winds and low dark skies couldn’t detract from the beautiful red brick buildings in this city, one of which houses the Mal. Once inside you enter a different, very boudoir-like world of red candles, leather armchairs and warm wooden blinds.

I had only one night here in transit but it was deliciously spent, playing my new CD on the player so kindly provided, enjoying a drink and the day’s paper with great service and nibbles at the bar, catching up with a former workmate over succulent pork belly at the Brasserie, and finally sinking into a mass of pillows to sleep. The building has had previous incarnations as a cotton spinners’ warehouse (the Hoyle and Sons above), the Imperial Hotel and even a dolls’ hospital. And on Friday it bedded me.


2 Responses to “red brick city”

  1. memoryandlearning Says:

    sharm, love your blog! are you in the uk? where? are you planning to swing by edinburgh? the weather in malaysia is fab! enjoy it when you get there while the rest of us shiver in eternal winter.

  2. sunburn Says:

    seems like we are taking turns to be in malaysia! really looking forward to it. was in sheffield for a week. your site looks very interesting too, is it going well?

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