ready to fly

March 9, 2008

ready to fly

It seems like I am seeing the inside of airports a lot these days. Happily the powers that be sometimes see fit to brighten my trips with fun art pieces. I came across ‘Ready to Fly‘ at Copenhagen’s Kastrup airport last weekend, a field of small jumping figures by the Finn Raimo Veranan.

This week I also got to meet two old friends at Schiphol Airport. I was surpised to learn upon Googling them that they are in fact ‘The Two Incredible Sitting Black Snowmen’ by Tom Claassen. I like them because from further away they appear to be squishy stuffed leather figures, but close up they are in fact hard and distinctly unsnowman-like.

the two incredible snowmen

If you like your art hanging on wall instead of sitting on floors, the Rijksmuseum’s outpost at Schiphol is a surpising delight. It houses just a handful of original artworks by several Dutch masters including van Gogh. Each is accompanied by a short piece of text that puts the work nicely into context. The perfect hit-and-run cultural experience in a peaceful oasis at the busy airport.


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