there will be blood

March 9, 2008


I can’t figure out if there really is a bumper crop of great films out at the moment, or if I’m on some mad cinema-going roll, but there’s a long list of films I’m very keen to see. Our latest attempt to chip into this list was last Sunday when we saw the much hyped, Oscar winning oil rush film ‘There Will Be Blood‘.

That the 2+ hour film went by quickly is testimony to its excellent story telling and pacing. Several minus points though for Daniel Day-Lewis’s speech and delivery, which I found oddly stilted and theatrical, which gave the film a staged, distancing feel for me. Guess Uncle Oscar and me just don’t agree. The orchestral soundtrack was also a little hit-and-miss – a percussion sequence enhanced the suspense of one particular scene tremendously, yet at other times the music seemed to clash badly with what was on the screen.

Overall it was a careful portrait of California in the middle of black gold fever, with thrilling scenes of hitting oil. Also, it made me sorry I never lived in a time or place when one could get a glass of goat’s milk at a bar.


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