waking window ii

March 18, 2008


So different from the last waking window I shared, but every bit as lovely. I’m sorry the updates have been so erratic, but jungle living isn’t conducive to blog updating. Lots to tell though and only more to come. Watch this space!


5 Responses to “waking window ii”

  1. M Says:

    HEY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SELAMAT belated HARI LAHIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I didn’t forget … honest … was just out all day in the cold admiring lots of birdies.

    Serendah looks beautiful! I think I may have to take Sunshine there …

  2. sunburn Says:

    same to you m! i didn’t forget either… but was quite technologically cut off!

    it was lovely, you really should go.

    birdies in the cold sounds like inspiration! good luck!

  3. Dors Says:

    I hope you realise that I have been goyang kakiying at work (not really true but was still checking your blog) and was really disappointed that you failed with your DAILY blog promise…

    Excuses about technology = smoojes

  4. Tracy Says:

    Was checking your blog for updates too, had to resort to reading the news of all things to take up time! Can’t believe you’re in sunshine, was -1 in Edinburgh today.

  5. sunburn Says:

    sorry, sorry. wow, talk about reader pressure! back in kl for couple of days, will try to post as much as i can to make up. forgiven?

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