happiness in a glass

March 31, 2008

alpukat heaven

Blended iced avocado with palm sugar, here shown in Puncak. Sounds weird, and I know it’s green, but tastes so good that I have had to get a daily shot for the week we were in Indonesia. More travellers tales coming up, including a special rare report from the province that gave BHP Billiton part of its name!


4 Responses to “happiness in a glass”

  1. Aryakuro Says:

    Hello, it’s nice to find your blog (I’m googling for that Darjeeling Limited),esp when I see the Indonesia on your tag cloud,because I’m Indonesian..you enjoyed that blended iced avocado?great…ahaha, you traveled a lot, didn’t you?that’s kinda interesting…I never go to Pangkalpinang or Bangka, but you did, cool..

  2. sunburn Says:

    hi aryakuro and welcome! i have some indonesian relatives so it is a very special place for me, especially bangka. we are planning to go back again soon so check back for more indonesian stories!

  3. aryakuro Says:

    you’ll be coming again?that’s nice..you come at the right time, this year is Visit Indonesia Year 2008…so please come and enjoy!

  4. sunburn Says:

    thanks… i really can’t wait!

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