hitler, jesus and grandad

April 3, 2008


One of the more difficult things about learning a new language for me is finding reading material that is inspiring and fun yet not so hard as to make the whole thing a chore. The gossip rag Se og Hør used to do the trick for me (Mr Snow’s gran saves them up for me ever since I told her that’s how I learn, so every time we visit I get a massive bag of past issues!).

Even more fun though, and easy with the Comic Book Library just around the corner, is to read comic books or graphic novels. The pictures help a lot, obviously, and the storylines are entertaining and far from juvenile. My favourite so far has been this one by local illustrator Lene Ask. The book is about her time in Germany at art school, and trying to trace her family history: her grandad of the title was a German soldier stationed in Norway, and her grandmother was amongst those persecuted for having a child with him.

It’s not all sad and serious though as her book also simply and charmingly illustrates growing up in the 70’s and life and love today. And I read the whole thing from cover to cover in just a couple of days!


3 Responses to “hitler, jesus and grandad”

  1. manu Says:

    well, the power of visual arts!!!
    What works for me and my favourite semi-japanese, these days, is “my neighbor Totoro”…we watched it “only” 12 times (the little one learnt to play DVDs…)and my japanese went from non-existent to 20 words very quickly…I can now sing the songs too…joys of motherhood!
    daycare works wonders too for my dutch… 😉

  2. sunburn Says:

    so becoming a mum is another trick i could try 😉

  3. […] up online! Unfortunately, so far only for Norwegian readers (and the very patient). The creator of ‘Hitler, Jesus og Farfar’ was invited to visit Tanzania by aid agency Norad, to highlight the issue of child and maternal […]

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