birthday dinner

April 4, 2008

nepalese makan

For the first time in years I was home for my birthday this year. And then, what did I do? Make a trip to the deepest recesses of the rainforest (ok, maybe it wasn’t that far away…). So, no phone reception and definitely no internet!

Thanks so much to all of you who remembered, though I did get your messages a day late! All was also more than made up by our gorgeous glass treehouse, superb company in the jungle (leeches not included), very many games of Spite and Malice, a swim at the local waterfall and above all a delicious meal cooked by Lakshmi, the Nepalese caretaker where we stayed. From left to right: dry chicken curry, curry fish soup, fried eggs (to make it special), fried okra, pickles, cauliflower and potato curry, pappadums. Twisties for hors d’œuvres and wine and Tiger beer (in classy plastic cups) to drink. A girl couldn’t ask for more.

More photos of our getaway here. Who’s coming next time we go?


4 Responses to “birthday dinner”

  1. […] our case, it was the perfect place to stock up on snacks and music for our jungle getaway. All in the cool of a KL night. It had just rained too, so not too busy […]

  2. Tracy Says:

    You make me homesick! Happy birthday too!

  3. Tulipgirl Says:

    Me, me, me!!! I’ll come. The glass treehouse looks wonderful.

  4. sunburn Says:

    i’m the one who is homesick! thanks!

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