pasar malam

April 4, 2008

pasar malam


Most neighbourhoods in Malaysia each have a pasar malam, or night market on a designated night of the week from around 7 pm till 11 pm. It is more defined by what it doesn’t sell (meat generally) than what it does (everything else from food to household appliances, clothes to hardware, not to forget the ubiquitous DVDs and CDs), though the exact composition is defined by the pasar malam in question and the moving traders who set up shop there.

In our case, it was the perfect place to stock up on snacks and music for our jungle getaway. All in the cool of a KL night. It had just rained too, so not too busy either.

NB: Not to be confused with the LCCT at KLIA, though the ambience with hundreds of people milling about is often similar…


2 Responses to “pasar malam”

  1. […] 2008 Manu Chao’s album from last year, ‘La Radiolina’, courtesy of the boys at pasar malam (RM10 for 3, buy 10 free 1) became the soundtrack for my trip home, especially when driving around […]

  2. […] Man is not a film you will come across on the shelves of your local video shop, or at the pasar malam, but we managed to borrow it from our online video club. It’s an extra-special film as a […]

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