curly wurly

April 9, 2008

I’m still not entirely sure it’s a sport as such, but it certainly was fun. Last Friday more than 20 of us went curling together. It’s taken me this long to find out the name comes from the slight curl you give the stone when sending it on its slippery path along the icy, so as to get your stone into the bulls eye (or knock your opponents’ stones out).

Our instructors were very brave and keen to impart all the possible tactics to us, though it was more than most of us could do to stay upright given the one slippy shoe you have to slide on, sometimes while brushing furiously. All in all more than worth a try!


One Response to “curly wurly”

  1. manu Says:

    Oh wow…curling seems so much fun!
    can I come with you? 😉

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