all aboard for pangkal pinang!

April 10, 2008

The best part of my trip home this time was a week’s visit with my family (and various hangers-on) to Indonesia. Our main goal was to celebrate Cheng Meng with extended family on my mum’s ancestral island of Bangka. Bangka formed a new Indonesian province with neighbouring Belitung in 2000, where the latter is the namesake of mining giant BHP Billiton which was involved in tin mining there in the last century.

After a couple of days’ stay in Bogor and Jakarta we boarded the flight to Bangka, helpfully signposted by the smiling gentleman above. Unlikely that we would have missed it though, as the flight was packed with family, friends and acquaintances (not that we were able to identify them all, though they could us!). All aboard!


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