surf’s up

April 22, 2008

Is there place in the world for another penguin film? When it’s as much fun as Surf’s Up, there certainly is! Riding the tail end of a penguin craze, this well-made film combines everyone’s favourite animal with that singularly cool sport, surfing. The animation is mockumentary in style, ‘interviewing’ penguins around the Penguin World Surfing Championship, its hottest new contestant, Cody Maverick, and his friends, family and fans.

All the usual suspects are there: the baddie champ (with baddie penguin tattoos), the hot lady lifegyuard, Cody as the young upstart, his rooster sidekick, the old surfer guru and all the baby wannabe surfer penguin chicks. Happily, the movie adds up to be more than the sum of its parts – all in all, a perfectly good way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.


One Response to “surf’s up”

  1. Mike Says:

    I don’t mind the penguins…

    All these reviews i’m reading make me want to ditch out on work and go surfing!

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