April 28, 2008

Sunday a week ago dawned bright and sunny, like it had every day the previous week. The difference today – no work to go to and no errands to run! We set off for the metro, attracting odd stares from people in shorts on their bikes. Why? Because we were fully kitted out in ski clothes and were each carrying a pair of skis.

The anomaly arises from Oslo’s location, stretching northwards from the Oslo Fjord’s water’s edge and climbing 500 m vertically to the city forest, Nordmarka. So skiing – even in 15C – can be just a metro ride away.

Even so, as the train slowly wound its way up to Frognerseteren, the absolute lack of any white skiable stuff was slightly worrying. Special K was quite prepared for a walking tour with skis on our shoulders. Oh we of little faith! Three stations from the top patches of snow started to appear and once at Frognerseter it literally abounded. Needless to say, Mr. Snow was bouncing with happiness!

A short walk down the path led us to a whole network of paths, and a good dollop of klister each later, we were off. It felt good to get those skiing muscles going on nice gentle paths.. until the steep climb up to Skjennungstua. There, we were handsomely rewarded with home-made rolls stuffed with ham, cheese, crisp salad leaves, and pickles, coffee all round and a slice of cake each: lemon with icing for me, prinsessekake for Mr. Snow and a muffin stuffed with blueberries for Special K.

All that sugar propelled us further to Ullevålseter before turning for home. Once down in the city, even more shorts were being paraded and the smell of barbeque was in the air. A perfect day for skiing.

More pictures of our day here.


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