no country for old men

May 4, 2008

A complete wash out of a May Day meant a very nice breakfast with friends, a slightly damp walk in the park, followed by a quick retreat home to watch this film on DVD. Bobby the Preacher was visiting, and a very nice afternoon it turned out to be too.

As to the book-vs.-film debate, I would say that although the film managed to build up the atmosphere, that from the book was stronger, though admittedly McCarthy had a whole 423 pages to create the layers, as opposed to 122 visual minutes for the film. The overall message of the book was also much darker and apocalyptic than the film (you’ll have to read it yourself to see why and how).

Finally, our worst fears about Anton Chigurh were confirmed: hair or otherwise, he is absolutely, definitely, the most frightening person any of us has seen for a long time.


2 Responses to “no country for old men”

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