May 5, 2008

After our wash-out May Day, the sun came out and now it seems like it lives here all the time, rising as it does at at 5 am and getting dark only after 10 pm. The grey and wet seem long gone, though it was only a couple of weekends ago when Mr. Snow’s dad came down to DIY-blitz our flat. He got through flurry of odd-jobs, from mounting a toilet roll holder and sorting our tv cables out to installing a dishwasher and fixing the shower so that unsuspecting babies don’t spontaneously take showers.

To say thank you I booked us a table at Elvebredden that Saturday night, speaking in English as I was being lazy (I promise there’s a point to this!). The restaurant occupies a prime riverside spot in the former transformer station which now also houses the DogA, or the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. Unfortunately the aforementioned wet and rain didn’t invite outside dining, but both the staff and the interior were warm and inviting. The industrial cement interior could have been cold but the good island lighting, well thought of windows and funky chairs created a cosy dining feel. The window sills were also lined with magazines and publications of the DogA for browsing should your dining companions’ conversation be wanting!

Not only had they made a note of my reservation made in English so that they switched languages as soon as I gave my name, but (claimed they) had translated and printed out the daily and usual menus and placed them in a special Norwegian-free folder for me.

I don’t know if that was true but I was glad of it given some of the dishes, such as kid risotto and salsify puree. We started with duck carpaccio with foie gras, moved on to scallops with asparagus (a very close competitor of Matfinken for the tastiest I have had), then the kid risotto before ending with a glorious white and dark chocolate dessert with berry sauce. All of these were perfectly executed, every mouthful a delight, with attentive, but informal service.

I think we may have found a new favourite restaurant!


2 Responses to “elvebredden”

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  2. […] removed KL-ite). There are lots of great restaurants in this town, including the surprisingly quiet Elvebredden where we recently had a fantastic evening celebrating Pa Snow’s 60th birthday in […]

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