May 18, 2008

The best day we had with Bobby the Preacher was the one we went walking in Lillomarka two weeks ago. Again, we took the tram upwards, getting out at Kjelsås, and walking straight into the forest. Masses of trees, some squishy marsh and this still partially frozen lake above. Damp feet were suitably dried at Sinoberhytta while stretching out on sunny benches with cups of coffee.

A quick jog down to the train, which excitingly, we had to clamber aboard from the bushes past the platform as the driver had forgotten to stop in time for us… We zipped to a barbeque with Smiley E and the rest of the crew. On the menu was: Pimms, grilled sausages and shrimp, and ending with balsamic-vinegar marinated strawberries with vanilla ice cream. Oh, and the train passing every half hour for added excitement. Forget spring, that day we skipped right to summer!


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