rocky and the oslo comics expo

May 25, 2008

This weekend, the library near our home hosted the Oslo Comics Expo. And given my new identity as a comic book lover, I popped along a couple of times to see what was going on. Several comic book artists put in an appearance for interviews, though that with Killoffer was foiled on Friday evening by an unco-operative projector.

All was made good again by Martin Kellerman, the Swedish cartoonist who draws Rocky, a semi-autobiographical comic strip about a dog-dude who draws cartoons, hangs out with his mates in hip-hop bars Stockholm and complains when he goes on holiday to Thailand. I have to confess his Swedish was somewhat difficult for me to follow, but it was pretty funny watching the interviewer try to squeeze deep and meaningful answers abut his art out of a guy who just seems to draw his own life and is somewhat bemused that everyone not only loves the comic but identifies with his plight completely.

He did claim that Rocky in English isn’t as funny as in Swedish or Norwegian. I started to think about whether that was true (though my Norwegian is still crap enough not to be able to say properly). I found proof to the contrary, with his online comic bio, which made me laugh out loud, so go read it! He also signed a copy of one of his albums for Mr. Snow with a little cartoon of his (dog) self waving hello, while he wasn’t a dog at all (in fact quite to the contrary). I think I’ve found a new daily comic fix, and one that will help my Norwe… Swedish. Great!


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