welcome to the belgrade!

May 25, 2008

A fabulous welcome phrase from a Serbian host, but sadly it’s all over for another year. I had a romping good time as every year watching the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. In the process I also discovered what happens when you have a pot luck party in Norway: you get LOTS of salmon. Last night it came variously the forms of a salmon pate, salmon crepes with cream cheese and red onion, and juniper berry smoked salmon. All delicious, especially with the marinated chicken wings, a Caesar salad, potato salad, stinky French cheese and copious amounts of red and white wine.

Down to business. High on my list was quite the proliferation of silver spangly mini-dresses accompanied by much thrusty dancing (Armenia and Ukraine), though the Turkish rock boys and the gypsy-type gents from Croatia were pretty enjoyable too. However, the Danish pretty boy with his cap and the braces really annoyed me, and the manic string puppet-imitators from Bosnia-Herzegovina were clearly just insane.

Given the slight bias in voting patterns, the real surprise was surely not that Russia won, but that it hasn’t won for the last 10 years in a row. Even after the Professor explained to me everything about the Stradivarius violin and the Olympic champion ice skater that accompanied the little divo, I just wasn’t convinced. And I DO think he could have done his shirt up for the final reprise.

In the end, Ukraine got my vote. And coming second isn’t too bad! I’ll leave you with Ani. Who did you vote for?


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