little flovver

May 30, 2008

Look what bloomed in our bathroom the very day Little Jacket came to visit!

It had been coming for ages but in the morning while cleaning my teeth I saw that it had absolutely burst open. I’m thrilled as it seems Mr. Snow and I are now not only capable of keeping our orchid plants alive but even getting them to blossom. There seem to be four more flowers on the way. Maybe the plant is pacing itself for our future summer guests?

The weather here has been fabulous and it looks like it’s just going to stay that way, if not get warmer. Little Jacket and I set up camp on the river bank yesterday evening with white wine, a blanket to sit on and our books, though the latter went unread as we had too much news (gossip?) to exchange. Island hopping in the Oslo Fjord looks like it’s on the schedule for this weekend. Will be sure to report back!


3 Responses to “little flovver”

  1. freshmess Says:

    I love it! i’m waiting for my plant from taipei to grow stems and eventually, have flowers. It had only 6 cm-span and two leaves when I got it last november, now it has grown 3 more leaves and spans 17 cms. I love your pot, too, where did you get it if I may ask?

  2. sunburn Says:

    good luck! you sound like you are doing really well already. i haven’t figured out what triggers the flowers though. both plant and pot were a housewarming gift, i will be sure to ask the next time i meet the giftee!

  3. freshmess Says:

    thanks! i have yet to see the first stem spring out. 🙂

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