mark ronson’s version

June 3, 2008

Don’t laugh, I know everyone who wanted one got this album aeons ago already, but my copy came in an Amazon special tax-free delivery by Little Jacket, along with Nick Cave’s Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!! for Mr. Snow. The album showcases Mr. Ronson’s take on a whole bunch of chart toppers, mixed in with a big dollop of funk and a surprising number of big horns. I love hearing the big stars cover each other, like Amy Winehouse doing the Zutons’ Valerie, and Daniel Merriweather (who contrary to what he sounds like is actually Australian) doing The Smiths’ ‘Stop Me’. All available to listen to here.

I think my favourite is still the funked-up version of ‘Toxic’, though I have to confess, I quite liked the original as it was… yikes! That, and a star photo of the producer on his webpage looking quite like a blast fom the 80’s. So that’s what the cool kids are wearing these days…


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