oojami at roots

June 18, 2008

I had to leave the Netherlands before finally making it to Open Air Roots Festival in Amsterdam’s Oosterpark. Surprisingly laid back, if it’s true as according to their website that 60 000 people attended the free event this year. The stretches of stalls selling random ethnicky gear weren’t quite my scene but I got to catch up with a whole slew of people, have a couple of glasses of white wine in the sun (Ms. D was right about the weather, shorts not jeans) and have a little boogie to Oojami. They are a London-based Turkish ‘groove’ collective, and throw DJs, rappers, belly dancers, violinists and Turkish melodies into the mix. It did it for me. More outdoor dancing will definitely need to be scheduled this year. Hopefully here on Friday!


2 Responses to “oojami at roots”

  1. Dors Says:

    Besides Ms D being right (and she loooooves being right), you forgot to mention the super-cool FREE photo takers who printed out the photos on fridge magnets!

  2. sunburn Says:

    you are right! i tried to find a link to our pictures online at their website but couldn’t and then let it go…

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