notes on the netherlands

June 21, 2008

The latest installment in myyearonline’s popular country series!

1. Patat met is a perfectly acceptable lunchtime meal (above shown in its native wind-blown, rain-sprayed summer habitat).

2. The orange colour – referring to the Dutch Royal House of Orange-Nassau – currently blanketing the country in the grip of football fever has its origin in France.

3. Asian Glories is the place to eat Cantonese in the Netherlands. And if you’re Malaysian, it’s THE place to eat, full stop. Just put on your best Malaysian accent and ask for Jenny.

4. Over 60% of the population live under sea level. Schiphol Airport is at -3m.

5. Every summer, the inside-out circus De Parade travels around the Netherlands. One of my favourite places to be when the sun is shining. A collection of circus tents, each hosting a dance, cabaret or theatre performance, and in the middle a tango dance floor, silent disco, and short al fresco previews of the shows by the performers. Don’t miss it if you can!


7 Responses to “notes on the netherlands”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Talk about cholesterol! Mayo on fries, got to love it. For Dutch island of Aruba photos see

  2. Dors Says:

    I mentioned going to the parade again and Grumpy Bum said something about not going to see carnies and pikeys again (I thought it was more his reluctance to see half naked (well built, very well built) guys).

  3. sunburn Says:

    wow, the names sound very offensive and i don’t even know what they mean!

    also, how coud anyone NOT love de parade? only stick-in-the-muds…

  4. Kena Says:

    I confirm that Asian Glories has the best dim sum I ever eaten! Thank you so much for the hint

  5. sunburn Says:

    hey kena, make sure you report back if it works! the kampung fried rice with salted fish is delicious, as is everything else that comes out of that kitchen…

  6. Tracy Says:

    Were you in Amsterdam on the June 21? We spent the day there on the 20th en route from KL to Edinburgh! Missed you again!

  7. sunburn Says:

    just took a peek at your kl pics, the party looked so cute! i was back in oslo by the 21st 🙂

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