hawksley workman

June 23, 2008

Tipped off by a Canadian acquaintance, we dutifully trooped off to John Dee one Thursday night more than a month ago to listen to the gentleman and his band. We hadn’t known at all what to expect, but were thoroughly entertained not only by Workman’s impressive voice but also his extraordinary skill at using its full range. The banter with the audience was sometimes random but always good-natured.

Most of the songs were of the singer-songwriter variety, some working brilliantly, and others more indulgent. Halfway through the set most of the band disappeared and Hawksley’s suit came off bit by bit. Not quite a strip show as he (and the rest of the band) then put on bright green boiler suits.

The significance of this escaped me somewhat but along with the suits came rock music, much more thumping and boogie inducing. One of the highlights for me was when he started playing on a mini drum-set while the pianist really got going on a miniature piano. They both crouched over, wildly playing ridiculously small instruments. A nice reminder of how music is always more fun live!


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