the kite runner

June 23, 2008

The more I think about it, the harder it is to come up with a film that I have liked better than the original book it was adapted from. Can you think of any? At least Atonement was quite a feast for the eyes (and I don’t just mean the main actors). The Kite Runner was more of a disappointment, though I had really been looking forward to seeing it.

I suppose I expected a little too much from it, after enjoying the book quite a lot. Also, perhaps reading too much about the filming process – the filming in Kashgar in China instead of Afghanistan, and the relocation of the boy actors – took some of the magic away. Some of the complexity of the book disappeared, in particular in depicting Afghanistan in the 70’s and today as well as Amir’s relationship with his father. The climax of Amir’s trip – to save Sohrab from the clutches of an evil Talib – was less than credible in the book, but in the film became ludicrous and thoroughly Indiana Jones.

The sun was definitely starting to rise again by the time Little Jacket and I finished the film. Sadly, the film didn’t give me my Afghanistan fix. The curse of Hollywood?


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