diving water

July 1, 2008

I’ve already been scolded by one of my readers for slacking off over the last few days. I’m sorry! Ma and Pa Myyear came to visit, and then we all went off to attend a wedding where Scousers and Trønders not only met face-to-face but had a romping good time together.

The good news is, I’ve hoarded lots of little myyear treats from being there (the ability to read the local papers at faster than 6 words a minute helps). So be sure you log on for your double dose the next few of days!

To start off, here’s Olafur Eliasson‘s waterfall under Brooklyn Bridge. I was always under the impression that he was Icelandic but now it turns out he is also Danish and trained in Copenhagen, although no one can agree in which of the two countries he was born. Anyway, the point is his monumental sculptures, of which the waterfall is the latest. The Weather Project, featuring a giant sun-like light and a fine mist in the cavernous Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern, was another.

The latter worked stunningly well I thought, inspiring a feeling of awe and slight trepidation in many of the viewers, from their hushed tones when visiting. I haven’t seen the former in real life, but from the photo it looks more than slightly underwhelming, especially compared to the proposal picture. In fact, the bridge seems to completely dominate the installation. Eliasson was commissioned by The Public Art Fund and New York City to create a total of four waterfalls in and around the city, but this is the only one I’ve seen a photo of so far.

I know, I know, the whole point is to be there and experience it for yourself. So can anyone report back?


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