the sunny side

July 14, 2008

Friday night in Oslo town, the sun is out again after a morning shower. Mr. & Mrs. J come for a quick glass of wine and a bite of cheese while they inspect our flat, and then we walk down by the harbour downtown.

I’d passed the back of Solsiden while walking to the ferry with Little Jacket, and caught a glimpse of some crisp white waiters’ shirts and a long airy dining room. We also saw the chefs kicking a football around before the evening’s work got properly underway!

The speciality here is its seafood platter, piled high with oysters, scallops, crab, scampi, mussels, prawns and lobster, which Mr. and Mrs. J order and bravely set about demolishing. Mr. Snow and I go for the daily 3-course menu: lightly smoked salmon to start followed by grilled wolffish, then a light and simple vanilla ice cream with strawberries. Service is prompt and unerring (barring a fluffed reservation), if a little on the impersonal side. The verdict on the food: very good, but it had better be considering the prices! What are you actually paying for then?

Given that it’s not so far from the boat diesel fumes of the ferry terminal, Solsiden’s location is perhaps suprisingly but without a doubt its trump card. These days the sun sets after 10 pm over the sea, and the sliding doors stay open long after. The waves lap almost at your feet, and the ferry to Denmark sets sail around the corner. The sensation is of being on a boat yourself is more than fleeting. That impression is what it’s all about, even after we walk rather than sail out, towards home.


4 Responses to “the sunny side”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Saw your pics on smugmug, looks like you had a fab time with your sis! Edinburgh festival is drawing near. You and Mr. Snow are always welcome.

  2. sunburn Says:

    and i still intend to take you up on your offer! we will be there one year… this august hotel snow is totally booked up, 8 guests in the next 3 weeks! but it’s a good time of year to visit, long sunny days. trying to avoid a repeat of some poor guests who came in december… dark, cold, wet… 😦

  3. Tracy Says:

    Dec weather sounds awful, just like here! I realized that Edinburgh’s weather is much like Malaysia’s: constant for most of the year with a 10degree variability. Unfortunately, the baseline here is 12 degrees, not 30!

  4. […] in Oslo. With informal but attentive and friendly service, Restaurant Fjord beat the socks off Solsiden, also food-wise. It’s a good-looking place as well, and someone must have had lots of fun […]

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