July 23, 2008

Every time a storm hits the Netherlands, every public rubbish bin turns into a veritable umbrella graveyard. Some time last year I heard that some clever chappies at the Professor’s alma mater came up with an umbrella to solve all of that, the Senza, and a certain conscientious reader reminded me of it yesterday, when it was awarded a big prize for design.

No more flipping inside out or broken brollies, this umbrella is supposed to always turn itself into the best position such that you never have to battle the wind and stay nice and dry. I have never seen one in real life, but the awards and tests seem convincing enough. Even in winds of up to 130km/h (see video below), when surely the last thing you would be worried about is if your umbrella is going to survive! Anyone seen this in action live yet?


One Response to “brolly”

  1. Tulipgirl Says:

    It might survive at 130 km/h but it doesn’t look like it will keep you dry anymore! Holding onto it is no picnic either. 🙂 Must be one expensive umbrella!

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