lucha libre

July 25, 2008

I watched Nacho Libre officially for the one and a halfth time last week. The halfth time was on a plane, giggling out loud while trying to keep my eyes open. Nothing to do with the film, just my plane-induced narcolepsy. Which is why I had to watch it again last week, just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything (as it turns out, I had).

In a word, brilliant. Jack Black, who I am not usually mad about, was just the business in this spoof about a monk who takes up Mexican wrestling (lucha libre) with his sidekick, Esqueleto (The Skeleton), ostensibly to earn money to feed the orphans, possibly also to gain Sister Incarnación’s heart, and most definitely for the opportunity to wear stretchy pants. Almost no one speaks Spanish here, preferring cheesy Mexican-accented English instead.

Every minute provided a giggle. But some of you living in London may have gotten lucha fever and gone to watch the luchadores from the movie live at Lucha Libre London, at the Roundhouse up in Chalk Farm. Or maybe not? Nacho was so good that I would have considered going!


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