eclipse of the sun

August 5, 2008

An eclipse of the sun, how exciting! The last time I experienced it was in the Netherlands in 1999. Neither time was the eclipse total where I was, and last time around it was quite cloudy, so not so spectacular. This time, Oslo experienced an approximately 50% eclipse at its peak, and indeed the bright sunny day had a strange greyish tint to it, like looking through darkened windows.

I wasn’t organized enough, but luckily some other people were, and dragged me along downstairs with appropriate safe eclipse viewing equipment. A review of the viewing options tested:

A black CD: not very sharp, and apparently not very safe

Pinhole projection using 2 sheets of paper: very sharp and full points for old-fashioned simplicity!

Eclipse glasses: most spectacular as you can look right at the sun, but downside is you need to have some from somewhere…


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