the wire

August 5, 2008

I knew we were a bit slow in catching on to The Wire, but I didn’t realize just how slow until Inspector Gadget told us he had started getting bored during the fifth season! The fact that Season 1 was sold out all over KL should have given me a clue.

We did try following it on TV, but were really useless at sitting down at the same time every week to catch it. Salvation came in the form of the NOK200 box set courtesy of Platekompaniet and now we’re happy viewers.

I’m not sure why it’s so addictive, but this time round even I am hooked. A host of rock-solid characters, ranging from sharp as knives to bumbling incompetents on both sides of the law, imaginative cinematography, a good-looking set and a funked-up title tune by Tom Waits don’t hurt their chances. Here are some other people talking about why they think so too, and Jimmy McNulty (originally of Ireland by way of Sheffield) plays no small part in that. In fact, the show is getting a reputation for being more written about than watched.

In our living room, on Episode 7, either I’m depending more on the subtitles than I realize or I am getting really good at Baltimore cop and gangsta talk. I wonder which…


5 Responses to “the wire”

  1. Tulipgirl Says:

    Take comfort in the fact that I am far slower: I have never even heard of it… you can fill me in this weekend!

  2. Jean Says:

    What season are you guys on? We’re halfway through Season 3 now. Would be even faster if we weren’t so cheap and dependent on the library to supply us with DVDs :-).

  3. sunburn Says:

    tulipgirl, if you are really (un)lucky, you’ll get to experience it for yourself this weekend!

    jean, we have seasons 2 & 3 ready to go courtesy of my last trip to kl, but mr. snow insisted we had to see season 1 first! next on my hitlist is dexter, have you seen that yet?

  4. Dors Says:

    I watched a couple of eps of S4 but wasn’t impressed – think you have to start at the beginning.

    I don’t want to beat it up too much but I love Dexter

  5. sunburn Says:

    just watched another episode of s1… it’s getting better and better. you can have it when we are done, it’s not even celup!

    saw the pilot of dexter in feb when it premiered in the uk, quite disturbing but good! top of my shopping list this trip. how many seasons have you seen?

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