his years on film

August 13, 2008

I thought my year online was a big enough undertaking, while Little M is taking a photo every day with her digital camera, but it seems like Jamie Livingston had resolve on a completely different level. He took a Polaroid shot every single day between March 1979 and October 1997. The one above is from the 23rd of August, 1989.

There were a couple of close shaves for the collection, involving eviction from an apartment and sifting through a rubbish truck. The later pictures of violent scars and hospitals foretell their own ending, with Livingston’s death from a brain tumour. A friend put all of them up online for other friends, but the message has leaked. Go here for the full story but most of all flip through the pictures themselves. Have you ever wondered what a series on your own life would look like?


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