fish spa-lympics

September 3, 2008

What do you do with your last three hours in KL? This dilemma presented itself to D and C, who were visiting with Ms. P. Only one answer of course: visit the fish spa at Pavilion! They were immediately convinced of the idea, so no peer pressure at all had to be applied to get them to join in.

The idea is simple. Get a few tanks of small, hungry fish. Add a steady stream of customers who would like baby-smooth soles. Put feet in tank, let fish feed, feet come out clean and smooth.

So much for the theory. In practice? Well, that very much depends on how long you manage to put your feet in for… Below, our Fish Spa Medal Tally.

Joint gold medal: C and Ms. P. Ms. P needed a deep breath to start but then went for the plunge and stayed in for the full 30 minutes, and at one point looking like she had shoes of fish. C was most resistant initially, but then very quietly dipped his feet in and stayed with minimal squealing and just occasional screwing up of his face (28 minutes). Extra points for being brave (and allowing himself to be convinced).

Silver medal: Mr. Snow. Keen to start, succumbed initially to ticklishness but then successfully applied the bit-by-bit strategy to full immersion. Extra points for giggling like a girl (25 minutes).

Bronze medal: Myyear. The mastermind behind the whole visit crumbled in the face of fish adversity. Could only put my heels in to start with (and that without looking at the gobbling fish), and only very gradually the rest of my feet. The toes were particularly tortuous! Only 15 minutes, but never mind as at the bottom was:

Disqualified: D. Absolutely hopeless. At most 3 minutes fish contact time, 27 minutes giggling hysterically while repeating, ‘I cannot, I cannot!’. To be fair, he had been planning on a nice relaxing foot massage instead of this madness, but honestly.

All in all, if you actually want a pedicure, even the dodgy places on Bukit Bintang would probably do a better job than these fish. But I swear for RM38 you would be hard pushed to get more giggles in half an hour. Of course, Kenny Sia has bettered us all by going for the full body version of the same, with an excellent FAQ section. Who’s going to try next?


4 Responses to “fish spa-lympics”

  1. P Says:

    I can ‘t neither thinking about the whole body fish spa… althoug… maybe it is an idea to get pregnant?!?!

  2. Tracy Says:

    You’re back! I’ve missed your blog. Love seeing the pics of Malaysia: food and all. Homesick again already! This August was the wettest in Edinburgh in the last 100 years! Bring back the sun please.

  3. sunburn Says:

    don’t! it’s tough being back here too. but i have so much to write about now! fingers crossed for a sunny and dry autumn.

  4. […] Thoroughly entertaining and relaxing, and rather more effective (if less giggle-inducing) than the fish spa. Our session ended with ginger and lemongrass tea and slices of watermelon, and a sneak peek into […]

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